Monthly Archives: November 2010

LM Improv Troupe

Thanks to the nearly 60 people who auditioned for “LM” Improv Troupe, it was a blast and PLEASE KEEP COMING OUT TO AUDITION!! We will be auditioning several times throughout the year, at LEAST once a (sport) season, if not more, so there will be plenty of opportunities to audition and try it out. This was the very first time for US as well as for many of you, so the audition process was quite hectic; don’t take it personally, and if you’d like to know our input on your particular audition, just ask!!

“LM” Improv Troupe, MACH 1:
Sarah Scheifflein
Alex Thames
Jeremy Eckstein
Eliza Sankar-Gordon
Maggie Walker
Youyan Zhaoung
$am Wischnia
Steve “bunny lumps” Lipman
Mira Nathanson
David Silberthaouaueue
Eli Newschaffer
Robert Gaudio
Jesse Cohen
Eliana Gottesman
David Hup”p”pert
Elsa Scheifflein
Mike Buchwald
Isaac Silber
Kei Nakagawa

CONGRATS, and please check for an e-mail from