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After the Open Session

Hey everyone! The open session was very successful and I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time (as I’m sure they will tell you). The session lasted about 4 1/2 hours (270 minutes or 16200 seconds), and I highly encourage everyone to try to come out to our next open session (whenever it may be).

The pictures from today’s session are posted on our flickr as always, and some are posted on facebook.

If you have any questions about open sessions or the troupe in general please email

Stay classy everyone.

Winter Break Open Session!

Hey everyone, hope you are having a dandy-doodily winter break so far. And speaking of dandy-doodily times, what better way to make your winter break especially dandy-doodily than to partake in a day of improv?

As promised, we are having our first open improv session! It will be on the 28th (Tuesday) starting at 1PM and ending whenever we feel like it, and will probably be held at Neil’s house (343 Winding Way, Merion Station, PA, 19066, USA, Earth, Milky Way). This session is open to anyone and everyone so tell all your friends, family, acquaintances, monsters under the bed, and anyone else you know to come! Even if you don’t want to act, you can still come and spend a day with good people and watch some quality comedy. Some sort of food will be served at some point.

Please RSVP by emailing so we have a rough estimate of how many people are coming.

If you have any questions email as well.

The N Crowd

Hey everybody!

The troupe just went out and saw a Philly improv group called “The N Crowd”. They were really cool people and it was a really great show and we highly suggest you see one of their shows.

Pictures from the night are now on the troupe flickr on the Pictures tab on the top of the page.


We have a flickr now! Pictures from rehearsals, meet-ups, and more!


Mach I


Open rehearsal

Hello everyone!

We will be holding an open rehearsal sometime in the near future so check back every so often.