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Another open session on Wednesday @ 5:00PM @ 343 Winding Way, Merion Station, PA. Bring anyone, and we mean ANYONE to this. The more people there, the more fun it is. Snacks will be provided and maybe something more substantial. If anyone is staying late at school, you can find me on the L3 bus, and just go straight to improv. Ask to go to Merion and Meadow (I think).



Indeed we do. Sunday 1/30/11. 12PM – 3PM at 343 Winding Way, Merion Station, PA, 19066. Bring everyone in the world. Bring a few bucks for food.

Open Session Huge Success

Ask anyone who went. Ask anyone who heard about it. It. Was. A. Great. Session. From roorooroo to Spoon River, we went the whole nine yards and then some. We hope everyone who came had a great time and is excited to come to our next open session (probably in the next week).

If you came and had a good time, bring friends next time! It’s always a fun time (even for a Friday night). As aways, check our flickr for pictures, and our Twitter, Facebook, or Website for more updates in the future.

A quick note for people new to the website:

Be sure to check out:

  1. Member Bios (all clever, and almost all done)
  2. Calendar (for upcoming events)
  3. Pictures (for pictures)
  4. Rules of Improv (if you are interested in learning more about the art of improv

Mach One, Oh Yeah!

Open Session

Friday. 6:45-9:30 (In the PM).

Be: there. OR Be: [probably] not as happy as those that actually went.

More obnoxious post about still along with massive spam (maybe).



The Next Three Weeks!!

LONG TIME NO UPDATE!!  Well, we’re about to fix that, with some BIG NEWS!!

Over the course of this weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after that there will be at least one, if not two, if not THREE open sessions.  I know… it’s unbelievable.  Well, believe it.  Anywhere from 1 to 3 open sessions will be held, and in the next two or so weeks, and everybody is more than welcome, aka ENCOURAGED, to come.  As of yet, specific dates, times, and locations are TBA, but keep checking back for updates!!

Manager Benjamin Edelman will be gone these next few weekends, and so our very own Neil Zhang will be leading these sessions.  And of course, every member of MACH ONE, OH YEAH that can be there, will be there, so it should be a great mix of veterans, newbies, and all the in-betweens!!

"Improv is fun for everyone!! JUST LOOK AT THEIR FACES!!"

And for those of you wondering “why come to an open session?”  Well….

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to improv, play some games, be silly, or just to have fun… YOUR CHANCE IS HERE!!

If you’ve never heard of us, or are not sure what this whole “improv” thing is about… GO TO AN OPEN SESSION!! TRY IT!!

If you’re convinced you don’t or won’t like it, but can spare a little time… JUST GIVE IT A SHOT!! I BET YOU’LL LOVE IT!!

"What's happening here?? Come to an open session and find out!!"

For more information about MACH ONE, OH YEAH, click here.  And if that’s not enough for you: check out, comment on and rate some other pages, vote in our poll (on the sidebar), and contact us, any of these ways.  Also, you can now subscribe to us by e-mail; it’s on the sidebar… DO IT!!!!

fun fact

It took 88 days to reach 1000 views.

The next 1000 views took 7 days.

All I can say is that the person with 126 friends must have been working overtime. Also that person must have viewed this website a lot. Also the website must have some interesting stuff on it. Also, this website has gotten linked to from three completely random other websites.

Y2K but with views.

Mach 1. Oh. Yes.

What we are.

Replace "Windows" with "We have" and insert "views." after 2000. Then insert "2" directly in front of "Professional". THAT'S WHAT WE ARE.

Update, OH YEAH!!

MACH ONE, OH YEAH enjoyed an extra long and well-attended meeting this past Sunday, where troupe did some great work!!  All but a few of our members were able to make it, and we even had a special guest, Sam Raper, visit and do some improv with us.

"Raper joins MACH ONE in a tableau."

Along with the usual boatload of fun, we have begun to transition from planning to executing our fund raising and t-shirt/general paraphernalia, so keep an eye out for that!!

As far as updates go, two more bios are up, some pictures have been added to our About the Troupe and Members pages and as you may well have noticed, we now have a poll on our sidebar, which we will be changing from time to time.  Though not a huge amount, as always more is on the way, including but not limited to the rest of the bios, an FAQ page, and some videos.

Stay up-to-date, and stay awesome… OH YEAH!!!!!!

Many update yes?

Over the past few days, we have been updating the website quite a bit. We have some CRAZY COOL NEW FEATURES including, but not limited to:

  • Embedded picture slideshow on the pictures tab
  • Better organized pictures
  • Running RSS feed of upcoming improv events on the right
  • Updated bios for many members of our cast
  • A twitter account

Be sure to check here for pretty much constant updates about all things improv related!






That’s like 100 people looking at this 10 times.

Or 10 people looking at this 100 times.

Or 1 person looking at it 874 times, then getting their 126 friends to each look at it once.

1000 is the amount of cranes you need to signify healing.


Keep checking back often!

Home Stretch #2


We have a name: MACH ONE, OH YEAH: 18 Fantastically Talented Gentlemen (some are ladies). ONE AND DONE

We played fun games: 2ez

We had fun: 3 musketeers

We discussed fundraising ideas: 4 score and WE RULE

HIGH FIVE, THAT’S A HAT TRICK PLUS 2, or a hat trick and couple, perhaps a pair of soccer players.