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The voters has spoken

Based upon super analytical poll result analysis, Friday and Saturday have been deemed as the best day for open sessions. Moving forward, we will try to honor this as best we can, so look forward to more Friday and Saturday open sessions in the future! Also if you feel like your opinion wasn’t voiced, please vote! The polls are always located on the right side of our website.

OH YEAH… Merionite readers!

If you came here because you read our article in the Merionite, welcome! If not, you can still hang around for a bit. This website is consistently updated with news of open sessions, pictures, random trivia, and much more! Explore the site. Read the member bios, read the manager bios, look at our hundreds of hilarious pictures!

We encourage everyone to come to an open session in the near future (probably one coming up this weekend, or at least in the next week).

If you have no idea what this post is referring to, click here to find out!!


The latest…….. OH YEAH!!

SO.  Today was yet another WILDLY SUCCESSFUL OPEN SESSION!! Surprise, surprise, every single person loved it.  That’s what we call improv.

Some highlights included performances by troupe member Neil Brett Zhang’s brother, Peter.  And on top of that, we got it on video!! In other, exciting news, TOMORROW THERE IS ANOTHER OPEN SESSION!!

At troupe member Maggie Gwynn Walker’s house, the session will run from ~3 to ~6, and EVERYBODY is encouraged to come and bring their friends/enemies/anybody to watch, join in, or even just stop by.  Whatever you end up doing, do SOMETHING in ways of visiting and/or spending some time with improv.  You will NOT regret it.  And that’s a guarantee.

See you then and there!! OH YEAH!!

Open Session details:
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
February 9th, 2011
Maggie Walker’s house
432 Wister Road
Wynnewood, PA, 19096

This week… and beyond!!

BAM.  Oh, did you not hear me?  I said: “BAM” (lmimprov 1).

Excited yet??  If not, don’t worry, there’s a whole lot more to be excited about.  Like for instance, the BACK-TO-BACK OPEN SESSIONS THIS WEEK.  That’s right, Open Sessions this Tuesday and Wednesday, in the evening and afternoon, and at troupe members Neil’s and Maggie’s houses, respectively.

It seems Open Sessions have become (and we hope they remain) a weekly occurrence, and thus perhaps this piece of news is not so surprising, nor exciting.

Well dear reader… READ ON!!  Troupe has begun its search for a sponsor and has already found a few interested teachers.  On top of that is now planning its official date(s) for show(s) in late March.  A show for middle school-ers, in tandem with Mu Alpha Theta, Lower Merion HS’s Math Club, is already officially scheduled for May 25th. Troupe even has the chance at the incredible opportunity to open for professional comedian Jay Black.  Last, but not least, Troupe is currently working on designs, logos, slogans, and the like to create official improv paraphernalia… check back on this soon for more details!!

WOWZA!!  That’s a lot of stuff!!  And with the open sessions this coming week, and Theater Arts Set 7 (see previous post for more details) YOU can be involved!!

Details regarding open sessions!!
Tuesday, February 8 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
343 Winding Way (Neil’s House)
Merion Station, PA, 19066
Wednesday, February 9 · 3:00pm – 5:30pm
432 Wister Road (Maggie’s House)
Wynnewood, PA, 19096

Can’t get enough improv?

Well those of you with 7th set free are in luck! Theater arts has many open spots and is going to have improv worked heavily into the curriculum. The teacher is Mr. Quinn, and he is every open to doing whatever the students want, and he said that he was planning on teaching and doing improv during class. He said he was more than happy to let MACH ONE, OH YEAH do what they do during class so EVERYONE should join the class (before it fills up). Those without 7th free can still pop in during C days for their lunch set if they want.

ALSO, next Wednesday (or Tuesday, depending on scheduling stuff), YET ANOTHER OPEN SESSION WILL BE HELD.  Be there!!  Bring everybody!!  If you’re not sure if you should come, ask us, ask people who’ve gone already, or just try it out!!


We now have moving pictures!

That’s right! We have one of those fancy-pantsy new things called a “Youtube channel”. It will be updated every now and then with random videos related to the troupe. Whether those videos be stuff from rehearsals, open sessions, shows, or everyday life is yet to be seen, so check back often! You might just find a HILARIOUS video of you doing something HILARIOUS and CLEVER!

So without further adieu HERE IT IS