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Hey all, this is a VERY tentative post, but MACH ONE has a very real possibility of putting on an hour long show this Saturday, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.

UPDATES TO COME!! If it happens… BE THERE!!


MACH ONE, OH YEAH’s debut, as entertainment-between-acts at the 2nd annual Mr. Lower Merion competition, was an all-too-short world premiere called by some “the best part of the show,” with others commenting, “I was hysterically laughing… we all were.”

The thrilling performance bodes well for the group that came into existence only a few months ago, and everybody is EXTREMELY excited for the upcoming months, in which 5 performances are already scheduled, with a 6th on its way.

If you haven’t been around the site, LOOK AROUND!!  There’s tons to explore, and always new additions being added!!  That’s all for now……. OH YEAH!!!!!!

"MACH ONE does 'Emotional Symphony' at Mr. LM"


Our First Public Performance!

We will be performing at LM’s very own Mr. Lower Merion competition! Come out and support both your fellow classmates and the troupe!  It’s this Wednesday at Lower Merion High School, beginning at 7PM.  Tickets are only $10… GOGOGOGOGO!!!!


HEY YALL!!  Long time no post, but don’t worry, that will be fixed shortly, AKA NOW.  Over the last week and a half, MACH ONE, OH YEAH held several meetings dedicated solely to fielding new members.  At last this journey has concluded, and bearing success!!

For those of you who auditioned: we invited nearly 35 people, and tried to give everybody a fair and equal chance; if you made it, congratulations and welcome, but if you didn’t, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

If you had a bad day, don’t fret it!!  Just come to our open sessions and audition next time!!  If you had a good day, don’t fret it either!!  Improv is by no means objective, and no matter how much time we lend to trying people out or how much effort we put into being fair, those auditioning and those watching/choosing are all still human.  This process is very prone to opinions and even mistakes!!


  1. Samuel ROBERT Raper
  2. John WALLACE Clark
  3. Scott SOULE Cheloha
  4. Sajen PHILLIP Solberg
  5. Patricia TAN Neckowicz
  6. Elizabeth P.W.

We are confident that everybody invited (and many more) are qualified for troupe, so don’t be discouraged to KEEP IMPROV-ING, AND HAVING AN AWESOME TIME DOING IT!!

Thanks for reading, and… OH YEAH!!!!!!!