Harcum Show… SUCCESS!!

No surprises here, MACH ONE WAS AWESOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troupe member Jesse Cohen (and his mother, to whom we are forever grateful) invited us to perform, and of course Mach One embraced the opportunity.  Only 8 members were able to perform due to LM’s finals this coming week, but the crowd was upwards of 40 people, who pretty unanimously loved the troupe’s performance.  Several people called the show “worth paying for” and at the end of the hour allotted to the troupe they were called upon for an encore game–one of, if not THE, best reviewed games of the night.

Thanks to those that came, troupe memebers and audience members alike, and once again a big thanks to Jesse (and his wonderful mother), and to Harcum for hosting us.  And of course, as always, stay tuned for more.

Last thing: please rate our performance in the sidebar poll!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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