Steve and Aaron’s Documentary

We had lots of fun at Steve and Aaron’s documentary screening. A huge thanks to them for setting up such a great event filled with so much student talent. We hope everyone enjoyed our performance and hope to see you at more shows or open sessions!

For updates regarding shows and open sessions, sign up for email updates on the right OR:

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OR check out our youtube channel! CLICK-TOWN, USA (it hasn’t been updated in a while though)

Also feel free to look through member bios and pictures and such that totally show how much candid fun we have!!!!!!


Also, speaking of open sessions: The next open session will be on Thursday, July 14th, 2011, starting at 2pm at 343 Winding Way, Merion Station PA, 19066. It’s open to anyone and everyone, whether you want to watch or participate. Please park on Linden Lane (further up the hill), and enter through the basement (at the end of the driveway).

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