About the Troupe

The “Lower Merion” Improv Troupe:

MACH ONE, OH YEAH: The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (some are ladies)

is a group dedicated to the improvisational scenes, games, and exercises, and was founded on October 14, 2010. The troupe came to fruition when Benjamin Edelman brought back the idea from his summer camp.  Having participated in a troupe for 6 weeks, practicing daily and putting on three shows, “the EDDMEISTER” (not an actual nickname) loved the experience, enough even to bring it to his friends at home.  When it caught on with his “friend” Neil Zhang, he decided to expand it from an inside joke between friends to a real thing for his entire high school.

Unfortunately, to be an approved, independent club meant having it approved by the previous February, and as it was October… well, thus began the pseudo-affiliation with the school.  So Ben and Neil advertised all on their lonesome, holding auditions at Neil’s house and during non-scheduled time in school.  Their advertising power prevailed, as over 60 auditioned, in just over three total hours of audition time.  The group was intended to consist of around 15-20 people and have multiple sessions throughout the year with culminating in a show held in the black box theater at Lower Merion High School.

Sure enough, the troupe is 22 members strong, and has its very first show coming this March!!  What was once a seedling of an idea is now a very real reality!!  Check back soon for specific show dates, and clear your calendar so you can BE THERE.

Note: There will be multiple auditions throughout the year, as well as rehearsals open to the public to allow everyone to join in on the fun.

Troupe has proven to be quite the happy endeavor.

People interested in the troupe should join the Facebook group as well as check lmimprov.wordpress.com regularly for news of public rehearsals, show dates, and more.

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