Benjamin Louis Penneys Edelman

Benjamin Edelman is twice the age Neil Brett Zhang was, and half the age Neil Zhang will be in three years.  He is allergic to the cologne Benjamin Edelman wears and therefore cannot be seated within three seats of said cologne.  He does not live in the red house, though Snoopy does.  If Benjamin Edelman is 12, how old will Neil be in twice the difference between their two ages, and depending on this age, which house and set of pets is most likely owned by him??  Bonus: How can you manage the seating arrangement without pervading the restrictions of Neil’s cologne allergies??


Answer: Autologous Nonmyeloablative Hematapoietic Stem Cell Transplantation; erasing immunilogical memory of the adaptive immune system.

One response to “Benjamin Louis Penneys Edelman

  • Eli

    Neil will be 39. (I did the math ITS LEGIT) He will most likely own a house in the suburbs and have a responsible pet such as a Corgie or a Turtle.

    Bonus: If Neil wears a smell resistant poncho he will have no allergic reaction.

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