The Members

"The most serious troupe in town."

From left to right, top to botom:

  1. Eli PAUL Newschaffer
  2. Alex BENJAMIN Thames
  3. Jesse MAC Cohen
  4. Steve Lipman
  5. Robert ANDREW Gaudio
  6. Kei Nakagawa
  7. Neil BRETT Zhang
  8. Isaac NATHANIEL Silber
  9. Mira JADE Nathanson
  10. Maggie GWYN Walker
  11. Eliza CLARE Sankar-Gordon
  12. Samantha LOUISE Wischnia (past member)
  13. Eliana Gottesman
  14. David EZRA Silberthau

Not pictured:

  1. Jeremy ALAN Eckstein
  2. Mike ANDREW Buchwald
  3. Samuel ROBERT Raper
  4. John WALLACE Clark
  5. Scott SOULE Cheloha
  6. Sajen PHILLIP Solberg
  7. Patricia TAN Neckowicz
  8. Elizabeth P.W.


  1. David F. Huppert
  2. Sarah PROCTOR Schiefflin
  3. Samantha LOUISE Wischnia
  4. Elsa MARKOE Schiefflin

"Strike a pose."


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