David EZRA Silberthau


Dave dabbles in modeling.

In a world where everyone else’s improv bio’s are “funny”, the most original bio, ironically, is to be truthful, and “unfunny”. So, here goes. My name is David Silberthau, which you already know. Some would say I’m theatrical, that a conversation with me is an adventure. Naturally I was drawn to improv, the art of theatrical conversation.

As far as the facts go, I’m a senior at Lower Merion. I enjoy the performing arts, and when Ben told me he was starting an improv troupe I was thrilled to join. MACH ONE, OH YEAH is my first improv experience, and it has been a blast. I can’t say enough about how great improv is; it simply rocks.

"The devil lives, and he wears BLUE."

In my free time I like doing what most other kids do. I especially enjoy studying films, and literature, even though I can’t claim I’m an avid reader. I hang outwith friends on the weekend and play video games when I have nothing better to do.I like writing, and have written a full-length play and helped friend compose several screenplays. But all of this is neither here nor there and probably tells little about who I am. To find that out, come see me and the rest of MACH ONE, OH YEAH do improv at our shows!!



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