Eliza CLARE Sankar-Gorton

Liza (noun) – A person who is obsessed with pineapples, hedgehogs, and lawnmower racing. A liza is known to also fall in love with innatimate objects.


Fear not. Her hand is not ACTUALLY a gun. (improv)

“Look at that liza kissing a hairbrush and racing on her lawnmower!”

Liza bides her time, bodes well, and bikes up hills. Like a ripe tomato, yearning to be plucked by the right hand, Eliza “JK (you know who you are)” Sankar-Gorton is sweet and acidic. She lives by a secret creed that involves birth and patriotism, which isn’t secret, and is also just Born in the U.S.A. She uses the third person regularly in real life as well as in her bio, however, she occasionally whips out the classic first person plural in times of need.  She also lives by a moat, because her neighbor is a king, who lives in a castle, which is big.

"YOU. Okay."

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