Jeremy ALAN Eckstein

Jeremy Alan Eckstein is very average. He doesn’t have much going for him besides his uncanny ability to find a needle in a haystack at least 9 times out of 10. For whatever reason, Mach 1 took him in and told him that he could participate in the improv troop. He likes it very much, but is unsure why he was chosen for the group in the first place. Outside of improv and needle finding, Jeremy has attempted to have other hobbies such as playwriting, running and avant garde painting, but he has turned out to be not so good at all of them, so he hasn’t explored his talents with such things any further. Once, Jeremy had the opportunity to save a burning down apartment full of people, but he just watched from the sidewalk instead because he was too scared to actually go into the flaming building. About 5 years back, Jeremy spent some time in Iraq and Pakistan helping local fugitives find safe haven. Recently though, Jeremy can be seen taking part in the Egyptian riots and he was even interviewed as a major component in the toppling of more than 4 riot police vans. Jeremy very much likes almond and vanilla ice cream and long walks on the beach and hopes you will tell all of your friends about Mach 1.

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