Kei Nakagawa

ok. okay. OKAY. oh kei. Kei , (pronounced /raɪˈnɒsərəs/), is an
Electric-type legendary man endemic to southeastern Pennsylvania as
well as some areas of eastern Asia. A member of the legendary beast
trio, he was created by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower,
and is constantly on the move and seems to lack any set place where he
shows up. He tends to show up either when there is a thunderstorm or
when other Electric-type Pokémon are in danger.

"On da left. CHECK IT!!"

When not performing improv, he can be found making himself chocolate
chip waffles, trying to decide whether waffles are, in fact, better
than pancakes or not and sleeping. On occasion, he is seen balling out
on every level, as well as doing everything he does, big. He enjoys
playing the guitar, piano and singing.

"Left. Am I RIGHT??"

People who inspire him include, in alphabetical order, Banksy, Betty
White, Birdman, and the one and only Siam Iamsakuldacha. The order of
influence is backwards. If nothing else, they all successfully rock
his socks off daily.



p.s. no keys, push to start

p.s.s. i’m asian

"No Child LEFT Behind."

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