Please help us maintain our troupe by making a contribution so we can continue to rehearse and perform shows for you!! An extended explanation as to the need for and use of donations can be found below, as sincere and cliche as they come. If you want to just donate, scroll down, or check out the sidebar widget, or even the one in/on the footer. Thanks in advance!!

“LM” Improv is so-named, because it is technically unaffiliated with Lower Merion High School (or in fact any overarching organization). Technically this means it is run by individuals who happen to be students, but for all intents and purposes it is a student-run organization, and a very motivated and cohesive one at that.

While there are hopes for becoming an official club, perhaps as soon as this coming year, at the moment MACH ONE is a set of sponsorless, fundless students with at least a year of the same ahead of us.

In the spirit of improv, and everybody being able to enjoy, we don’t charge for our shows, membership, to attend any of our numerous open sessions, or anything else.

As great as this seems (and is), it means we need donations to exist. We don’t use props, or costumes, or equipment of any kind that we can’t provide ourselves or easily find in daily life. The money we do need goes to our performances, for which we need to pay the school (or wherever our latest venue) for 1 to 2 security people, for the length of our show.

It’s not much, but it’s something, and we need to get it from somewhere!! We will be having bake sales and 50/50s and asking the troupe, and public, for donations or other fundraising ideas as they see fit. Any extra funds will either be raffled off, or put into further performance opportunities.

The “LM” Improv Troupe

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